Tips For Spring Weed Killing

Tips For Spring Weed Killing

Surely you’ve heard of spring cleaning but spring weed killing can be a whole lot more interesting. Here are some things according to Dawn West of to help you beat out the weeds:

Preemptive strike
There’s no better way to fight them than if they’re not there yet. If you know that weeds are forming under the surface, take control first by using pre-emergence herbicides. This will help keep the weeds from germinating in the first place.

Things to get before spring hits
According to West, sometimes the peskiest weeds should be killed well before spring (or winter for that matter). Dandelions are best treated in the fall but to handle them best during the spring, it is best to spot treat them rather than covering your entire lawn with herbicides.

Make sure your lawn is established
Before using any chemical weed killers, you need to make sure that your lawn is already well-established. If you just planted seeds, they might die right along with everything else. If that is the case, consider spot treating weeds with boiling water. That takes care of the weeds and leaves the surrounding grass alone.